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Dealing with a crime or trauma scene can be traumatic, but it does not compare to the loss of loved one. Our phones are always answered 24/7 for any emergency.

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Biohazard Cleanup

When dealing with biohazards at work, any potential contact should be handles with the best care to avoid any risk to employees.

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When the police have left, you may feel that you are alone and faced with cleaning up the scene. We are a biohazard cleanup company that can help.

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Crime Scene Cleanup In Boise

After a homicide and an investigation has been completed, the coroner's department releases, what they call the ''scene'' to the owners of the premises. Then the homicide cleanup crew is called in, and the cleanup begins.

Cleaning up after a crime is a very demanding task and can be physically challenging. Boise Crime Scene Cleaners are trained to be compassionate, discrete, and have communication skills, to be able to provide support for the families. Because once the police officers, paramedics, and coroners have left the crime scene, family members are left standing alone in a room covered in blood, bacteria, bodily fluids, and hazards, to deal with the trauma.

About ten years ago, if someone died, it was up to the family to address the cleanup, however, in the past decade, many cleanup industries have emerged to take care of all these issues. Homicide scene cleaners must deal with various tragic and challenging circumstances, so they're first trained to know how to protect themselves and are educated on the use of personal protective equipment(PPE), and on safety risks known as blood borne pathogen training. They also specialize in removing and sanitizing the home, business, vehicle, or any place where the crime took place, which includes blood, bacteria, feces, viruses, or anything hazardous. Being exposed to several health hazards means paying attention to detail and the following of protocol is crucial.

Homicide cleanup companies in Boise, Idaho are required to wear biohazard suits, filtered respirators, full facemasks, several sets of gloves, and chemical-spill boots. They also bring with them biohazard waste containers, heavy duty bags, hard plastic containers, and cleaning supplies such as buckets, mops, brushes, sponges, and spray bottles. At the scene, the technicians secure 3 zones with bio-tape and plastic sheets, which are the clean zone, the area of separation, and the control zone. Then they remove any sign of what happened and any biohazards that resulted from it and restore the scene to the way it was before the incident happened, which is known as "remediation."

There are also hazards that may be left behind by law enforcement officers such as, fingerprint powder and blood detecting chemicals including Crowle's stain, Hungarian Red, Leuco Crystal Violet, and Luminol. Although some crime scenes may not contain any blood at all, there still may be serious threats to humans. Also, the cleanup technicians in Austin must deal with any tear gas left behind which is tough to remove. The homicide cleanup professionals are permitted to transport the biohazardous materials then in sealed biohazard containers and place them in regulated biohazard dumping areas. Since homicide cleanup is such a mentally and physically challenging task most of the technicians are hired from medical fields and are prepared for the challenges this job entails. They may have been paramedics, emergency room nurses, and EMT's and have the experience of dealing with any gruesome scenes. So, having a professional homicide cleanup team is the best way to deal with this trauma, for stress and safety. And they protect the occupants from potential infections and ensure that the area thoroughly sanitized.


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