Lightning  biohazard sign

Biohazard Cleanup

CSI in Stairwell.

Unattended Deaths

A blond medical or scientific researcher or doctor using looking at a clear solution in a laboratory with her Asian female colleague out of focus behind her.

Medical Accidents

Los Angeles downtown buildings and water surface

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene clean up isn't a job that just any individual can perform, it can take a certain combination of skills, knowledge and character traits that not all people possess. A strong stomach as well as the capability to emotionally detach are two conditions as trauma scenes and human decomposition will be quite upsetting and offending to the senses. Very often members of the family or family members may nevertheless be at or near the picture, so discretion and compassion will be needed for every scene you take on. A knowledge of sanitation and disinfection techniques as well as local and state government regulations and guidelines will be required.